About me

My Background

With a background as an organizational consultant and manager, I know the ins and outs of workplace dynamics. From strategic goals to conflicting interests, I've been there. The hustle, the urgency, the constant interactions – before you know it the day is ending, and you still haven’t started working on your “real” tasks yet. Your to-do list is growing into an endless list, and lets be honest, your work is never finished.

Staying grounded amid the chaos is tough, but it's crucial. Racing from one task to another, from appointment to appointment, get stuck in your head and everything there is to do – it's so easy to lose sight and focus on the bigger picture of why you do what you do.

Your Quest

You're after more time, smarter workflows, and bigger achievements in less time. You want to start the day strong and finish even stronger. Deadlines are non-negotiable, and any detour drives you nuts. Work's enjoyable, but you wonder about a different approach. Balance. Time for what truly matters. A sharper focus. To reap rewards and find real job satisfaction.

The Solution

The fix isn't just about mastering new skills or amassing knowledge. It's about your inner world – your core self.

Your outer world follows your inner world.

I learned this after two burnouts. It took hitting rock bottom to grasp that my inner self matters just as much as my professional achievements. It's about aligning your mind, heart, and true self to create a healthier work-life dynamic. No burnout. No need to silence parts of who you are. Just superb outcomes, intense focus, and boundless energy. Oddly, school never teaches us this.

From then on, everything changed.

My mission? Transform the world of work – globally. Make it healthier. Sustainable. A realm of outstanding performance and results, without getting stuck in overwhelm, stress and burn-out.

Marijke Hoekstra - Coaching en training

After getting my Master's in Management Culture and Change, and a big variety of coaching educations, I've spent a decade coaching and training high-performing but overwhelmed managers, directors, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

My goal? Amazing results, the healthy way. Carving out time for what truly counts. Ditching the busy trap for laser focus on what truly matters.

How I Can Help

I can coach you in time management, efficiency, setting boundaries, prioritizing tasks, managing energy, and boosting focus. I can teach you to rock your job – the healthy, sustainable way.

All those skills you desperately need, they're crucial, but they're just pieces of the puzzle.

Real transformation happens when you're ready to align your internal world with your external work environment. That means syncing your inner world with your outer world or the other way around.

It's about being a whole human being – not just your brain, but all of you. When you do this, everything changes. And right there and then, the skills you learn finally click. Work becomes a source of energy and gives you true fulfillment.

I'm here to guide you

On your journey towards more energy, more focus, more fun and fullfillment in your work and your life.

I can help you in three ways:

Wondering if you and I are a match made in heaven?

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Reach out via e-mail or phone. Let's chat about your options– no strings attached. I'm here to help you decide.

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Remember, Health isn't a choice; it's a necessity at work.
Health is a non-negotiable game in life.

If you don’t make time for health, you have to make time for illness and burnout instead.

The stats don't lie. 1 out of 5 people  hit rock bottom due to stress. 1 in 5! Keep that in mind when you look around the boardroom.

It doesn't have to be you though. Learn how to balance your life and work in a better way. Healthier. Sustainable. You can do it. And I'm here to guide you.

Reach out to me! I love to help!

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