Transformation program

We started to believe that we can force life to happen, so we would feel happy and successful.

Fighting and forcing life, with the idea that success only appears when you have earned it by working extremely hard. And THEN you’ll feel happy.
And if you don’t? Well, my friend, it is up to you. You just need to do better. Be better, work even harder. - You think.

Take it up a notch. Another education or course to follow. Another promotion to chase. Implement a new strategy. Find extra clients. Find another job. Another partner perhaps? A new house? THEN I’ll be successful. THENI feel happy. – You think

But THEN never comes.  

You might feel happy for a little while, with the success you’ve booked. A day, maybe an hour or even just for a few minutes. And then you catch yourself looking for another goal to accomplish. The next project to bring to success.
So let’s get to work and get it done. THEN I feel happy! – You think.


You are actually stuck in the hamster wheel of chasing the white rabbit

The white rabbit you will never catch. And if you do catch this rabbit, you feel satisfied for a short period of time, before you find yourself chasing yet another rabbit again. Because THEN you’ll feel happy and fulfilled. - You think.

It is an endless story.

What does not provide what you are looking for: a feeling of happiness and fulfillment. Or perhaps even the feeling of being good enough?

Do you recognize
  • Being really good in your job, and having accomplished a lot already?
  • From the outside there is nothing to complain about your life; 
  • You have a great house, a loving partner and perhaps a nice family too; 
  • You are living the good life?
  • But you still feel empty and unfulfilled on the inside? 
  • More and more often this little voice keeps whispering inside your head “is this really all there is?“ 
  • Sometimes you feel you are the only ‘Alien’ in the world. As if you are the odd one;
  • Do you want that to change?

Then the Elite Mentorship Forum (EMF) is for you!


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Transformation program Elite Mentorship Forum

The Elite Mentorship Forum (EMF) is a world-class personal transformation program, created by one of the worlds top motivational and inspirational speakers, Peter Sage.

EMF is a 6-month intensive life-changing program, developed to break through every limiting belief you have, that is holding you back from being where you want to be and who you want to be.

This unique program helps you reach your full potential, brings balance into your life, and builds a strong fundament of fulfillment.


Who is Peter Sage?

Peter Sage is an authority in the field of effective personal transformation, one of the worlds top motivational and inspirational speakers and a much-wanted mentor and coach. Peter is one of the few qualified trainers for the Robbins Research International and worked with Tony Robbins for over 15 years.

Peter has the innate ability to understand human behavior on a deep level, allowing him to identify and modify unconscious limiting behavior patterns, which leads to lasting change.

Peter created the Elite Mentorship Forum (EMF) to share his knowledge with the world to enable profound personal growth for many people.

This program is considered one of the best, modern, affordable, and effective programs for personal transformation ever made.

Peter Sage - Elite Mentorship Forum

As a 6x TED-X speaker Peter has written multiple #1 bestselling books and -as one of the few people in the world- has won the Brand Laureate Award for Extraordinary Individuals for his unique perspective on the world. – Previous winners include Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs and Cristiano Ronaldo.

I am more than proud to call Peter my mentor!



Marijke Hoekstra: mijn EMF certificaat, yes!

In 2022 I went through EMF myself.
The quality of the program, the completeness, and the meticulousness of how this program is built, but most of all the enormous effect on the lives of everyone going through EMF, yes, including me, makes this the best personal transformation program I have ever come across.

It was a no brainer for me, I wanted other people to have that level of transformation too, so I became a proud Certified Elite Mentorship Trainer since October 2022, trained by Peter Sage himself.
Ever since I am sharing Peters knowledge by guiding other people to lasting personal transformation through the Elite Mentorship Forum.

Questions are the steeringwheel of the mind

– Peter Sage


So lets get to the important fundamental questions first:

  1. WHY EMF?
  2. WHAT do you do in EMF?
  1. HOW works EMF?
  2. WHAT IF…you join EMF? And what if you don't?


  • Your outer world always follows your inner world
    If you want to change your life, YOU must change first. But most people have no clue how to realize that inner change.
  • You are done living a reactive life
    A lot of people react on the circumstances that life brings them, instead of creating the circumstances YOU want to create yourself. In EMF, you become a master in creating the conditions you want in your life.
  • Never before it has been so important to step up as the best person we can be
    So many people are struggling in life. More than ever we need authentic leaders. But before leaders can lead others, they need to lead themselves first. Wherever your destination is, it always starts with the person looking back from the mirror. What a difference we can make when we embrace our talents and live out our full potential. This is the essence of your life, of why you are here in this world. This is where you build the fundament for fulfillment and meaning in your life.

2. WHAT do you do in EMF?

  • You break through every limiting belief and limiting behavioral patterns you have, and start building a firm fundament with a new set of beliefs and behaviors that serves and empowers you, based on the latest scientific insights on the area of personal development worldwide;
  • You are not doing this alone, because you work together with a peergroup of likeminded people, who go through EMF too.
    The level of shared experiences is a matrix for deep connection.
  • You have individual calls, group calls and you work 1 on 1 with an accountability buddy. Accountability is an important factor to help you stay on track, dive deep and do the work on you.
  • You go through 13 modules with video’s Peter Sage has recorded for you, based on the more then 30 years of experience on personal growth Peter has, and supported with a profound workbook - yes, there is homework - and specific exercises that support your learning process.

3. HOW do we do EMF?

  • Every 2 weeks a new module with in-depth content will be released for you.
  • You have a call every week about the content and your learning process:
    • One week this is a Q&A call with me and my co-trainer, where you can ask us all your questions about the content of these modules;
    • The other week this is a community call, where you exchange insights with your peergroup, support each other and learn from each other. This is one of the most powerful elements of EMF, you peergroup. You build friendships for life!
    • Weekly you have a call with your buddy to do the exercises wit hand to reflect on your work.
  • The HOW depends for a big part on how YOU appear on stage.
    Our methods are proven and effective. The only variable is YOU. How YOU appear on stage. How YOU commit doing the work. If YOU do your part, we take care of the rest!

4. WHAT IF… you join EMF?

Even though you may not understand everything yet. Even though a part of you just wants to run away. Even though you feel uncomfortable not knowing what is coming next. And even though you don’t know if personal development is something you are looking forward to…

  • What if, in six months time,  a whole different person is looking back at you from the mirror? An amazing person where you feel deep love for? Would that be worth it?
  • Would it be worth it to get rid of your untrained mind that keeps wandering off and comes up with excuses and keeps you stuck all the time?

After EMF you'll have:

  • A life without limitations
  • A life where you live in a reality that works FOR you, and where you look to from a whole different perspective. And that starts immediately from module 1!
  • A life where you relate to abundance in a completely different way, instead of being steered by anxiety and shortage.
  • A life where your default system is one off joy and prosperity, instead of throwbacks and hardships.
  • A life you live from a place of high consciousness, instead of living from judgment and pride, with an ego that holds us back in limiting beliefs
  • A life you live from your full potential
  • A life with unlimited possibilities
  • A totally different movie script of your life. Instead of a soap opera or a drama Serie, you live in world-class movie, from which you’ll say – once you reach the end- WOW, I would pay to watch this movie again!

THAT is available for you when you join EMF.

4. What if… you don’t join EMF?

  • You already know where that path is taking you. Your limiting patterns are holding you back in being the best version of yourself already.
  • If you stay on that path, I can’t help you. I can show you the door, but you have to get the courage to walk through that door yourself.
  • But by the fact that you are reading this, I know you long for this. I know you want to. And I know you know you are worth it.
  • I believe in you. And I keep believing in you until you too can see what I see in you.

So, what if you don’t join EMF?

  • Your next step on your journey will probably be reading another self-help book or following another course. Participating in another seminar in the hope that something in your outer world will change, which you really can only change on the inside, because:

Outer World always follows
Inner World

– Peter Sage

Want to experience your future life?

Sign up for our free but valuable Masterclass “Create a life you love”.

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And learn the 4 key principles
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What people say about EMF

EMF scores a 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot

Worth every penny and every moment.

Peter Sage and Sage Academy has made a tremendous break-through in personal growth. The content of the EMF program goes beyond any self-development course I've ever experienced. This isn't just a feel-better-about-yourself weekend thing that wears off after a week or two. This is a BE better at being yourself mission that will change your life -for the better- forever.

Of course, you have to put in the work, you have to be committed to change, and you have to be willing to leave behind that which has been holding you back. Put in the work, and this will absolutely transform your life.

Lane Kowitz

I can truly recommend this training.

I can truly recommend this training program. It has changed my life in a very positive and lasting way, both in my personal and business life. It is not a right mindset, positive thinking training that is usually short lasting.
We all know that there are always ups and downs in life. In this training I have learned to stay authentic, to deal with different situations and to guide my life in the direction I want it to go.
But you also have to be willing to work on yourself, for me it was worth every minute I invested, so I will do the whole program again to deepen this knowledge even more.

Ulli Wittwer

This is an excellent training program.

This is an excellent training program. Life changing. Puts great perspective (both scientifically and quantum field) on how/why people think, react, and deal with the world. I’ve learned so much, and it’s just the beginning. Very useful ways of shaping my future. Anyone looking for a better way to shape their future, I highly recommend this.

Barbara Sparks Mitani

Lasting transformation – become the Architect of your life

During the 6 months of working with the EMF program, I made more progress than in the last 6 years. This program restored me to the factory settings with which I was born. To make the world better, to grow, to contribute - my dreams have become reality. I experienced a permanent change - which no program had ever given me before. I finally became the architect of the best version of myself. I highly recommend!

Jaroslaw Rudzinski

Content- Community- Transformation

I knew some of the content theoretically. But a good majority of the content was new to me and most important: it was structured, tangible and applicable! The PRACTICAL aspect of the assignments, the community and my two learning buddies (also assigned through the program) made all the difference compared to other programs / courses I took. The EMF program has impacted my life massively and will continue to do so. I now understand better how I operate, how life works and how to move towards a more and more relaxed and fulfilled life.

Harald Klockenhoff

Unique. Empowering. Life Evolving. Wow.

Wow! A genuinely unique program that touches every area of my life. EMF is a true evolution of mindset and life (period). I use the ideas, concepts, models constantly to have a much more empowering and fluid experience with others, myself, life. It can't be unseen.
The change is real. The inner and outer confidence, understanding, gratitude, joy (and so much more) I've gained and express through this work is worth it all!

Eric T

Hands down a fantastic journey of growth

Hands down a fantastic journey of growth and greater awareness of our human potential. It was a lot to bite off with work, family and busy life and well worth every bit of time and investment! I'd recommend EMF to anyone who desires to grow into a greater version of themself with greater awareness to what, why and how. You won't be disappointed! Peter and Team Sage delivers. If you really want to level up, don't hesitate to say yes to the EMF journey.

Amahra Leaman

Highly Recommended
I’ve had the pleasure of participating in several personal growth events over the past 10 years BUT I encountered the same issues over and over…NO Follow Through! I knew that I had some kind of stumbling block before me at the point of action. I knew the basic principles of avoidance especially with several years of being a counselor. I think for me I needed the special accountability that this course requires.
With this approach I was able to not only stay on course but have a buddy to bounce the questions off of.
I rarely ever recommend a course to take unless I truly believe in it and this course EMF is one I would put my name on.

Tony Haverkorn


Elite Mentorship Forum

Powerful content

13 modules in 3 phases

  • Three strategically designed phases
  • Paced learning delivered by Peter Sage
EMF - powerful content

Active Learning

Backup tools for embedded learning

  • Download learning applications
  • Workbook with practical exercises 
EMF - active learning


Weekly 1:1 buddy-calls

  • Personal support from your like-minded buddy
  • Ensure you stay on track
EMF - accountability

Growing & Sharing

Live Q&A and Community Calls

  • 100% support, sharing and caring
  • Completely non-judgmental support group
EMF - growing and sharing

Program Synopsis

The EMF encapsulates a lifetime of gathering wisdom and consciously learning from the experiences of a life of business and the business of Life. Of the three phases, it is of special interest that the creation of Phase 3 took Peter years; years to crack the formula to identify and provide the breakthrough section to the final and lasting stages of transformation.

PHASE 1 – Foundation and Reinvention

In Phase l we take a look at Reality, what it truly is, and how we fit into its picture; provide dynamic tools to help accelerate learning; present alternative views away from the norm with regard to our perception of money, wealth and abundance; take a deep dive to concentrate on uncovering the hidden beliefs, patterns of thinking and emotional blocks (both positive and negative) which are responsible for where you currently are; and finally master the four primary relationships in Life.

PHASE 2 – Purpose and Direction

Phase 2 covers how to ‘achieve the impossible’ by learning the fastest way to develop and access resources for powerful concentration; being authentic, what authenticity really means and how to benefit from new opportunities which will present themselves to you, effortlessly, when your true authentic self is present; identification of the key difference between people who succeed and those that don’t, in any area of life; reinventing goals using a potent and creative model unique to this course; identification of different parts of your personality and how to align and integrate them in a powerfully compelling way.

PHASE 3 – Your Relationship with Life

The final phase allows you to: intentionally design, create, permanently rebuild and instaIl your brand new upgraded psychology; clear up limiting thinking; comprehend what drives you from both conscious and sub-conscious levels, by redesigning your mindset from the ground up and replacing it with empowering new habits that will set you up to win every time; understand the advanced levels of consciousness to authoritatively map your journey; create your Legacy, by being in complete alignment and discovering your truest purpose.


How EMF is structured?

Let’s dive into the different modules and see how EMF is thoroughly build to guide you on your journey.

Phase 1: Foundation and reinventing yourself

By diving deep below the surface FIRST, we discover hidden beliefs, limiting thought patterns and emotional blocks that got you to where you are now, but hold you back from growing.

Modules in this phase are:

EMF - Set yourself up to win
Setting yourself up to win

How to get the best out of this program?
In this launch module Peter welcomes you to the program and explains how to set yourself up to win. He explaines the program and how we go deeper by using his famous 4-question framework: Why? What? How? And What if?

EMF - Ruling reality
Ruling Reality

How the world actually works
Module 1 explains the proven principles for how reality (as we know it) is created and the true science behind it.

EMF - Learning genius
Learning Genius

Mastering the journey to mastery
Develop a system that will guide you to elevated levels of learning and behavior, creating a faster pathway to excellence in everything you do.

EMF - Wealth and abundance
Wealth and abundance

Creating powerful prosperity
Eradicate all limiting beliefs around money, and use these powerfull principles and exercises to immediatly start creating more abundance in your life.

EMF - Mastering emotions
Mastering Emotions

The key to live life on your terms
Mastery of your emotional response is the key separator between those who live their life at ‘cause’ rather than ‘effect’. This module teaches specific techniques for instantly disarming negative emotions and the repatterning of previous negative emotional triggers, so they can never sabotage you again.

EMF - Mastering relationships
Mastering relationships

The four pathways to greatness
Most of our dysfunctional traits can be traced back to the four primary relationships in life. Learn how to have healthy, functional relationships in all four areas, with incredible insights never taught in formal education.

Phase 2: Purpose and direction

Learn what the reason is why people either succeed or fail in life. When you have a strong foundation, but you lack purpose and direction in your life, most days feel as just another day has passed. Something will be missing. In this phase you’ll find your goals and start living by them. That is the spark that ignites Flow into your life.

Modules in this phase are:

EMF - powerful concentration
Powerful Concentration

Developing a laser-like focus
Learning to concentrate is the primary skill that underpins the most successful people in history, and allows us to focus on and achieve the impossible. Being able to bring your entire focus to one thing for an extended period of time separates those who lead versus those who follow. Master this one area and everything else shifts- massively!

EMF - authenticity

Discovering the real You
Authenticity is often found to be the biggest secret to living, as revealed to people at the end of their life. Learning how to live authentically, is the fabric from which the cloth of Through Me is woven. People, paths, and opportunities present themselves effortlessly, when one lives from a place that is authentic.

EMF - goals reinvented
Goals reinvented

A new future is always available
How goal setting is taught in most areas of traditional personal development guarantees frustration and wasted energy. Goals Reinvented is the most powerful set of insights and principles on goal setting ever assembled, and will change everything you thought you knew about achieving exactly what you want.

EMF - becoming majestic
Becoming Majestic

Solving the multiple personality puzzle
Do you ever feel like there is more than one person living inside your head? Are there parts of you that you try to ignore? What if you could see and understand them energetically and have them work together rather than compete for who is running the show? This module peels back the layers to dig deep and align every part of you.

Phase 3: Your relationship with life itself

Purposefully design, create and install a new enhanced psychology, and experience real transformation: More success, joy, fulfillment, and freedom, without limiting beliefs or behaviors that hold you back.

Modules in this phase are:

EMF - mirror mirror
Mirror Mirror

Dissecting your psychology
The road map that guides human beings to a life of joy or a life of stress, via their own personal psychology, is often shrouded in confusion and outdated models. Module 10 provides the understanding, once and for all, as to why you do what you do, both at a conscious and unconscious level and explains why, despite their best intentions, so many people are programmed for failure.

EMF - new you
New You

Rebuilding your Psychology
Once you have understood the building blocks of your mind, and how they are wired together, it is time to rebuild. Designing your own mind from the ground up is one of the most permanently empowering feats you could ever accomplish.

EMF - soul path
Soul Path

Exploring Advanced Levels of Consciousness
Understanding is limited not to intelligence but to our level of consciousness. In Soul Path, Peter moves beyond his ‘4-levels’ model into a deeper, advanced look at your consciousness as he guides you through the nuances spanning 16 different levels. Once you understand this module be prepared to be empowered in ways you could never have previously imagined.

EMF - your legacy
Your Legacy

Living the life, you were born to live
Power flows to those who are living their mission. Getting in touch with your ‘True North’ and aligning your life to something bigger than ‘You’ is the cornerstone to al ife of passion, purpose and true fulfilment.


The question you can ask yourself now, is this:

Is the legacy of my life an example, or a warning?

It can’t be both.
And YOU are the only one who can choose.

All I can do, together with Peter, is show you the way, support you on your journey and give you the means, the training, the inspiration and the framework so you can decide for yourself how you want to live your life.


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EMF is for you if you wish to:

  • Find freedom from financial worry and welcome wealth, health and abundance into your life
  • Wake up with a joyful readiness to welcome the day
  • Experience lasting, positive change in every facet of your life
  • Secure unlimited supplies of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop and sustain new strong and uplifting behavioural habits
  • Hold infinite trust in yourself and your judgment in everything you do
  • Be carefree, and create the life you want, instead of Life controlling you
  • Learn a mindful and positive approach for dealing with disease and illness
  • Master control over your emotional reactions, so nothing can hurt or upset you
  • Say goodbye to procrastination and self-sabotage, and take your next step with complete certainty
  • Finally conquer a debilitating obsession or addiction that has been consistently present in your life


EMF is available to everyone but is not necessarily for everyone. 

EMF is NOT for you if you:

  • Refuse to embrace the uncertainty around breaking the emotional patterns and beliefs which have been controlling you
  • Are prepared to let self-sabotaging and procrastination persist
  • Wish to stay ‘safe’ in your comfort zone and not be prepared to expand it
  • Do not believe you can break perceived negative habits that do not serve you
  • Want to allow your ingrained patterns of behaviours to continue to run your life
  • Deny the initiative which brought you to this point of consideration
  • Accept the notion that you are not ‘worthy enough’ to invest in yourself


Want to experience your future life?

Sign up for our free but valuable Masterclass “Create a life you love”.

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And learn the 4 key principles
to build a life you LOVE!